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Colombia Sol Naciente FTO 4 oz Sampler

Colombia Sol Naciente FTO 4 oz Sampler

Light-Medium Roast
Tasting notes: Cherry, Brown Sugar, Milk Chocolate

Process:   Washed
Varietal(s):  Caturra, Colombia, Typica
Elevation: 915-1220 MASL

We were seeking a distinct Colombian coffee for our lineup and fell in love with this lot from Sol Naciente for its bright cherry notes and full-bodied flavor. It's a terrific choice for daily morning coffee, but share it with friends and they'll think it's a special occasion.

Sol Naciente was created in 2008 with the goal of uniting competing producers from the Sierra Nevada region. These producers come from two townships: Siberia and San Pedro, located in the municipality of Ciénaga. Many of these producers are recognized victims of armed conflict and they are in a program for land restitution. Now that they have regained their land, they decided to put it to good use and produce high-quality organic coffee.

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Brew tips

Drip - 55g coffee to 1 liter water

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