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Ethiopia Select DECAF for Keurig© Brewers

Ethiopia Select DECAF for Keurig© Brewers

Roast Level: Light-Medium Roast

We Taste: Strawberry, Honeydew, Brown Sugar

Decaf drinkers rejoice! This no-compromise Ethiopia Sidamo has a jammy fruit flavor and balanced body with a lovely clean finish. You won't know you're drinking decaf, and your caffiene-drinking friends will be envious. 

Sidamo is one of the zones of the Oromia Region of Southern Ethiopia known for producing some amazing natural coffees.

Select "Pods" for 12 pre-packaged single serving pods (K-cups). Our pods are fully recyclable and compatible with all Keurig© 1.0 and 2.0 brewers.

Select "12oz bag" if you want bulk coffee ground for Keurig© brewers (using your own re-usable pods).

Process:  Mountain Water Process (MWP)
Varietal(s):  Ethiopian Heirloom
Elevation: 1500 meter

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Brew tips

Drip - 55g coffee to 1 liter water

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