Our Story

Our founder, Scott, has had a life-long passion for coffee. He started making pour-overs with the family Chemex when he was just eight years old.

After moving to Seattle in the mid-1990s, Scott started roasting at home with the help of a leading green coffee importer. He soon found himself exploring high-quality coffees from Ethiopia, Kenya and Tanzania. After several years roasting for friends, family, and community fundraisers, he put roasting on hold to focus on his career in the tech sector.

A trip to Japan and experiencing Kyoto’s specialty coffee scene re-awakened Scott’s desire to continue roasting. He started renting time on roasters at Giesen USA, took professional classes in green coffee evaluation, roasting and sensory skills, and purchased a production roaster. After extensive time spent honing his skills and consulting with coffee professionals on all aspects of the business, he began roasting professionally and founded Index Coffee® in early 2021.