Brew Guide for Drip Coffee

Brewing a great cup of drip coffee is easy when you use the Golden Cup Ratio*:
55 grams of coffee to one liter of water (3-4 cups of coffee)

         sometimes stated as:

2 Tbsp. coffee for every six ounces of water

The latter looks simpler, but try doing the math on multiple cups first thing in the morning : )

The Golden Cup Ratio makes it easy to adjust the amount of coffee you're making. Just remember 11g coffee for every 200 ml of water (7 oz) and you're all set!


* The Specialty Coffee Association's Golden Cup Standard is based on a recommended ratio of 55g coffee to one liter water ± 10%. Water temperature should be between 195° F - 205° F (90° C - 96° C) at the point of contact with the coffee.