Index Aeropress Recipe

Our Aeropress recipe came about by accident, but we believe it showcases what the Aeropress does best: creating a "sweet shot" of lightly concentrated coffee that brings out a full range of each coffee's unique traits.

Index Coffee Concentrated Aeropress Recipe

  • Grind 15g coffee very fine, a little less fine than espresso
  • Heat water to 185° F / 85° C (when small bubbles form at the bottom of the kettle)
  • Add water to chamber half-way between "1" and "2" markers
  • Stir for 10 seconds with stir paddle
  • Place plunger on top of chamber and press gently until plunger reaches  bottom
  • Withdraw plunger slightly to avoid drips, then remove chamber
  • Drink and enjoy

Pour line for Index Coffee Aeropress recipe