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Ethiopia Guji Shakisso Mancity Outgrowers

Ethiopia Guji Shakisso Mancity Outgrowers

Roast Level: Light-Medium Roast

We Taste: Blueberry, Cherry, Peach, Cinnamon

This high-scoring coffee from Ethiopia's Guji zone is full-bodied, beautifully balanced and naturally sweet. We taste blueberry, cherry, peach, and a hint of cinnamon. 

All of the coffee in this lot was grown and certified as both Organic and Fair Trade.

Mancity is a small area in the Guji zone. An "outgrower" is a smallholder farm who partners with a larger nearby coffee plantation, in this case Mr. Getachew Zekele who runs Dimtu Coffee Industries. Dimtu is involved in farming, processing, and exporting, as well as partnering with smaller farms to grow even more excellent coffee. These farms are not only paid a premium for their coffee, they extensive training on the best organic farming practices, coffee quality, and sustainability. They are also given seedlings, organic fertilizer, and local indigenous shade tree seedlings as a larger effort to restore habitat in the region. 

Process:   Natural
Varietals:  Local heirloom varieties and other landrace varieties
Elevation: 2000 MASL

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Drip - 55g coffee to 1 liter water

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