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Ethiopia Sidamo Reserve Dark Roast

Ethiopia Sidamo Reserve Dark Roast

Roast level: Dark
Tasting notes: Black Cherry, Plum, Dark Chocolate

We're excited to introduce this new lot from one of our favorite regions in Ethiopia. Guji is a zone within the Sidamo growing area in  Southern Ethiopia known for its amazing naturally processed coffees (sun-dried in raised beds).

We recommend this coffee for espresso and for those who prefer a dark roast. It's full-bodied and yet offers great natural flavors and a hint of sweetness. It also pairs nicely with milk and sugar.

Process:   Natural
Varietal(s): Ethiopian Heirloom, 74-110, 74-112
Elevation: 1700 MASL

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Drip - 55g coffee to 1 liter water

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